Parental Alert! A Re-Emerging Deadly Designer Drug: 2-C-E

Having raised two teenagers myself who are now adults, I empathize with parents of teens and the many challenges they face. One of those challenges is alcohol and drug use. As parents, we can only influence our children not control their every move (although I have to admit, I have tried). I was recently saddened by the tragic event which occurred in the State of Minnesota this past week whereby a teen threw an unsupervised spring break party while his parents were out of town. Key word: unsupervised. Unfortunately, this Blaine, Minn. party resulted in 11 overdose casualties, one which was fatal. The culprit…a hallucinogenic designer drug which has re-emerged called 2-C-E. This hallucinogenic is a close relative of the past drug 2-CB which was popularized within the “rave” scene a decade ago along with ecstasy.

What many parents do not realize about 2-C-E is that this psychedelic drug is legal and was synthesized right here in the good ‘ole U.S.A by a Californian. 2-C-E is a controlled substance and can be minimally modified to turn into 2-CB. This recent case has illuminated the dangers of hallucinogenic drugs as well as the way they are accessed.

In this particular case, the pill form of 2-C-E was accessed via the internet. Many young people minimize the impact of these drugs because they have a false sense of confidence in the seller or distributer because the transaction(s) are done on-line. The victims in this case, who were between the ages of 16-21, made a very common mistake with this hallucinogen as those a decade ago, they took too much whereby overdosing. Like similar drugs of this classification, 2-C-E has a psychedelic effect and stimulates the central nervous system. This dangerous drug can increase body temperature and cause hallucinations. It also has a long half-life which can last up to 12 hours. Because of the slow onset of action, many young people become impatient and “stack” other substances for the instant gratification which increases the risk and potentiality of overdose. In this recent case, a 19-year-old father Trevor Robinson died. Just because the 21-year old arrestee is apprehended and charged with third degree murder, can us as parents, a community, and society think that this is our resolve (in this case). Well, its not! We need to be well-informed and proactive instead of passive.

I encourage all parents and grandparents to be part of the solution and write your local legislative representative(s) and express your concerns. Kudos to champions like U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar who is proposing to ban 2-C-E and collaborate with (Iowa) Republican Sen. Charles Grassley in her legislative efforts. Remember, IF THERE’S NO CHANGE, THERE’S NO CHANGE!

By Jose D. Aragon III, BA, CADCII, ICAD, SAP